Al’s Use of Union Resources For His Campaign Prompts Election Protest

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Al’s Use of Union Resources For His Campaign Prompts Election Protest

I spent the past days since the election reviewing all the information available and have decided to file an election protest with the General President today. I feel that our union money and resources were used against me in several ways. I also was made aware of misconduct of a Local Steward and several of Al’s staff used their union cell phones to campaign. I am taking this action very seriously as future elections in our local must be on a level playing field. The following is the letter to our General President.

Subject: Protest of the Local 290 election for the office of Business Manager on January 7, 2015

Reason #1: I announced my candidacy for Business Manager at our February 2014 union meeting. At our April 2014 union meeting I was attacked by a strongly disparaging, vague and slanderous business agents report. This was done with the knowledge of the Business Manager as he had read the report before the meeting. This report was distributed at area information meetings that month and then printed in the minutes and available for the members at the May union meeting. This is using union money to disparage and attack a known candidate for union office.

Reason #2: Using union funds to campaign for Business Manager. The business agents, organizers, assistant business manager (Al’s staff) wore campaign buttons while working our Local 290 picnics. The union provided the transportation and in some cases lodging for the staff. Business Manager, Business agents, organizers and staff were in charge of organizing and implementing the activities at the picnics.

At some of the events the union tables reserved for the picnic were taken over for Al’s campaign, his gun raffle, buttons, stickers and member contact information was gathered in notebooks. A business agent at the Springfield was picnic wearing a button solicited member contact information used his union vehicle for transportation to and from the picnic. At the Labor Day picnic the Business Manager, our Lobbyist Business Agent and other staff were pictured wearing campaign buttons while working.

Reason #3: A union steward Marc Marcum used the Harder tool room and other areas at Intel Ronler Acres to distribute Al’s campaign buttons, stickers and gathered member information during work hours.

Reason #4: Dennis Coplin and Drew Waits of Al’s staff used their union phones to campaign for Al Shropshire.
For the above reasons I am asking for the election to be set aside or invalidated.

Lou Christian
Card #1049906

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