Our Local:

In the face of COVID and other uncertainties right now, we need experienced leadership who looks out for the best interests of all UA 290 members. Our Master Labor Agreement expires on March 31, 2023, and I plan to use an open negotiating committee to get our local the best contract. I have participated in many of these negotiations over the course of my career with 290 and my experience and ability to work through the changing conditions make my leadership the best option for a prosperous future.

Our Training Center:

Before I was elected Business Manager, our Retiree Wellness program was plagued by inaccurate information that caused qualifying members to not receive the education reimbursement error. Under my leadership, the trust has worked to recover this money and will continue to do so until all the money is recovered. The Local and Training Center is implementing a new process to prevent this from ever happening again.

The Training Center is a huge benefit to our apprentices and the staff is committed to providing the best education in the UA. Our apprentices know that they can go to their coordinators with any issues they have, and they will be heard and treated with respect. I will continue to hire and retain staff like our new Director of Training, Dominic DePero, who are committed to keeping our apprentices at the front of technology changes and maintaining the highest quality of training.

Looking to the Future of UA290:

Growing our local is vital to the future. As Business Manager, I have focused on growing diversity in our union and making smart business and budget decisions. To address issues with how our Local is funded, we will need bylaw changes. I am seeking to address this through the Budget Committee, an open committee that I formed, and through other ways to make better financial investments. Under my administration, we have not purchased new vehicles, instead, we have purchased low mileage used vehicles under warranty and been able to fund the necessary replacement of UA 290 vehicles.

Finally, to continue to expand the diversity of our Local’s workforce I created the open Diversity Committee in 2018. This committee is co-chaired by Anthony O’Neil and Ashley Haysom. The committee has worked extremely hard to develop internal committee bylaws similar to other local unions. The committee has held meetings for members to share how they have experienced discrimination and harassment on the job—these meetings have had a profound effect in showing us this is real and we need to educate our members to see the many ways our brothers and sisters are affected. I will continue to educate our members and make a better 290 for everyone.

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