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YOU HAVE A CHOICE: The difference between Lou Christian and Al Shropshire

Putting an END to Shropshire’s Reckless Spending Spree… Because it’s Our Dues Money

In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • Elected shortly before Intel helped Local 290 to reach full employment for our pipefitters and many travel cards.
  • With high levels of dues income, Al was still depleting our grant funds to pay a business agent and organizers instead of securing current and future jobs.
  • Placed our union on a perilous path once work slows down.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Lou is the candidate for Business Manager who is a 36+ year member in continuous good standing.
  • Lou has served as Assistant Business Manager, President, Trustee, JATC Member, and Negotiating Committee Member for three past Master Labor Agreements.
  • Lou’s dynamic range of knowledge gives him what is needed to be an effective Business Manager.

During my 36 years in the industry, I have seen good economic times and bad. My family has made it through the bad times because we set aside money during the good. Al Shropshire is draining our reserves while Intel has kept us at near full employment. Al’s careless spending will leave us little to get through the next economic downturn.” – Brother Lou

Al’s Broken Campaign Promise… Democracy

In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • To win his last election, Al Shropshire told you he believed in democracy and transparency, but once elected, he limited transparency at every turn in an effort to circumvent our democracy.
  • Stacked committees with people whose livelihoods depend on Al Shropshire’s continued approval (his administrative employees).
  • During our meeting in May, Lou asked Al about the makeup of our election committee. Two of the three members now either work for Al or work in the training center for Clara Shropshire. Al appointed Justin May who is an assistant training coordinator. The E-Board appointed Jim Wiens, who was recently appointed as an organizer by Al. The President, Bob Porter’s, appointment is Janet McCall. Al’s response to this was that there was nothing wrong with this.
  • Al Shropshire has also spent tens of thousands of additional dollars hiring new administrative employees to advance the Shropshire family agenda.
  • He ignored the will of members by continuously asking for dues increases and even tried to change the number of votes needed to get the bylaws dues increases he needs to sustain his reckless spending.
  • Retiree members get education reimbursement from the money you, the working members. You have the education reimbursement deducted from your check. This was pushed through without allowing the members a standalone vote of this issue. This was slipped into the contract with no discussion and was also not in the version on the website the day prior to being presented at the convention center.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Lou doesn’t just pay lip service to words like democracy and transparency; he lives it every day by getting to know the wants and needs of members and leading with your values.
  • Lou will focus on bringing a diverse set of members to the table to make important decisions.
  • Lou will reverse the unjust efforts of Al Shropshire to limit our democracy and ensure that you have a real say in matters that affect your money and your union.
  • Lou will appoint and encourage the E-Board to appoint rank and file members to the Election committee.
  • At Lou’s suggestion the E-Board reconsidered and has selected Mike Mehrens as their representative to the election committee.

Al’s Broken Campaign Promise… Transparency

In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • Retiree education reimbursement contract change was not on the website before the contract vote.
  • No discussion on this issue at the first convention center contract/strike vote meeting.
  • The meeting was staged late Sunday to rush through the proposed contract and limit discussion. The meeting was choreographed by Al using a negotiating committee member to ask for the rejection of the contract and then proceed with a strike vote. When a member tried to ask about the retiree education reimbursement issue at the end of the meeting he was ruled out of order.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Retiree Wellness Programs can be a great program. It benefits the Retiree Medical Plan and should be funded through this plan if at all possible. If this is not feasible, the members should vote on how to fund the program.


In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • There were two votes on raising our dues. Both proposals were supported by Al and were defeated by wide margins.
  • The members of this local want to know how our money is going to be spent, what we are spending it on now, and how we will spend it in the future.
  • Ignored the will of members by continuously asking for increases to our dues, going so far as to attempt to change the number of votes needed to change the bylaws from two thirds to a majority. Al did this by backing two amendments which were also defeated.
  • Hired more Organizers after the first bylaws dues vote failed and hired two more organizers before members could vote on the last dues increase, which was defeated by 62 percent.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Lou will hold Special Meetings outlining how your money has been spent and will work with our elected finance committee to show how he will spend it for our future. Only after we are on the same page will he consider supporting a dues increase.
  • Lou will listen to the members and he will adjust to the level of service you support

Apprenticeship & Training… Lou chooses brotherhood over nepotism

In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • Replaced longtime and well-qualified Training Director Mike Pollock with his wife, Clara.
  • The Business Manager appoints all of the JATC members.
  • Al resigned from the JATC and trust to appear as though he didn’t vote to hire his wife. This is one of the most important committees/trusts and now he can’t vote because of his resignation.
  • Charged apprentices $300 for tuition but recently flip flopped and changed the tuition back to $100 per term with 50 percent off of book costs.
  • The training center is being micromanaged to the point of becoming bogged down.
  • The book keeping is now being done by a third party, causing disruptions in the way our bills are paid.
  • Three secretaries have quit, retired or have been terminated since Mike Pollock left. Our training center staff is now short on experience.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Will propose to the JATC to hire a qualified, skilled, and experienced Local 290 member as Training Director.
  • Lou will re-establish high standards of quality through development of our own curriculum in addition to the very expensive one just purchased that is incomplete.
  • Lou will invest in the classrooms and tools needed to provide world-class training for our journeymen.
  • Lou will keep tuition costs low for apprentices and journeymen, and keep union apprenticeship as an attractive program to recruit and train the highest quality and best trained new members.
  • Lou will extensively review and show you how your training funds are used. He will set goals and budgets for changes to our program before asking YOU for more money.
  • You should have a vote before any training is shutdown for “cost savings.” Members should have a choice to fund training before cuts are made.

Grant Fund

In Al Shropshire’s term:

  • Recently hired two more organizers and is now spending over $90,000 per month from the grant fund for an agent and organizers.
  • We currently have the Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, and 15 agents and organizers.

The Lou Christian Difference:

  • Lou believes that we should be focusing our money on getting jobs and not for a slush fund for the staff that our dues can’t support.
  • Lou will follow the original grant fund amendments quoted below so that you, the members, will be able to see how this fund is used.

4. “That the United Association Local No. 290 Industry Advancement Program shall be administered by the Business Manager under the general supervision of the Executive Board.”

5. “That the Business Manager shall make a quarterly report of the United Association Local No. 290 Industry Advancement Program, including an accounting of its assets, number of jobs targeted, and man-hours worked under the United Association Local 290 Industry Advancement Program to the Executive Board AND to the membership.”

This is real transparency!


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